Saturday, June 28, 2008

Went to visit the feed store on Mill Rd. Was told about folks that have goats. $1 per chick from feed store.

Finished most of the arch out front. Found dead squirrel under the trained bush. White cat was licking it this morning, but I couldn't tell what it was, once we lifted the bush back upright, boom; dead squirrel.

Walked the fence line, noted that much of the fence around the top of the hill is down.

Rained hard for about 5 minutes.

Looked into chicory: for food and browse. may help lessen worm load on the goats. More protein than alfalfa.


  1. Ok, so what happened to the boat?

  2. Well shucks.... I forgot to write that down, but the summary is:

    I found someone interested in the boat. They had looked at the same boat I bought before I bought it. They wanted it to teach their grand kiddos how to sail.

    After seeing several boats at the marina for sale for several months, and having the the itch to get going again, I sold it to them for $10. I never cashed the check, so technically I gave it away. I packed up and started driving up to Ky an hour after I sold the boat.

  3. I found your blog because we both worked at Reefedge (you after me it would seem). Too bad, from reading your blog, we would have been friends.