Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of Days; resting no more

After, to my my mind, a lengthy recovery from my surgery, I'm ready to head back out to continue my adventures. I'll be heading south to Florida to learn how to sail. If things go well, I hope to travel by boat to whatever places open up for me. I'm not picky, any destination will do.

Living aboard sounds like a lot of fun to me. Though, I'll start with a class and some time spent doing day sails. After I'm comfortable, assuming I still enjoy it, I'll try getting onto someone's boat for a longer cruise.

Although I'm sad that I didn't finish my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in one go, I do plan on finishing it at some point. I'd resume it now, but I'm not back up to full strength yet and finishing the hike in cold weather doesn't excite me. I really enjoy hiking in spring and summer because of the growth going on. Winter isn't as satisfying. Besides, it's darn cold.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Done with PNC Bank

PNC has finally pushed me away. After a few failures to send out checks entered for automatic bill payments, and being dinged $20 bucks a month for low account balances in what used to be a free checking account I am leaving them. It's been a 10 year relationship, but it will be over soon. At one time I would have missed them, but now I'm looking forward to moving on. Hopefully I won't be hurt again.