Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Think in words?

I just realized I have started not thinking in words very much. Over this last year of roaming around I spend a lot of time alone in my head. The folks I meet and talk to don't usually get into very deep conversations.

Talking to someone tonight about some deeper concepts I realized I was not able to bring ideas out into words very easy at all. Normally when I have a conversation, I hear thoughts in my head as I process ideas into speech or text or process other peoples words into thoughts. I hear words when I read. When thinking of something to say, I hear words in my head before they leave my mouth.

I used to think in the same way even when not communicating with other people. Thinking of my to-do list, I'd hear words. In the grocery I'd be hearing things like, "what's next... anything in this aisle? Nope, got mustard."

Tonight we were having a deeper conversation and I realized I wasn't thinking in words, and couldn't put my ideas into words. I spent a lot of time thinking, but just kind of spinning my wheels. I don't recall experiencing this before taking this year to do some self analysis. I think all this thinking about my life with out trying to communicate it to people has changed the way my brain is working.

Very strange.

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