Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time to get moving

It has been a bit over 6 months since I quit my job to go putting around. I spent about 5 months on the Appalachian Trail and the rest recovering from surgery. How did I fill the recovery time?

  • bought a car
  • recovered from surgery
  • settled an incorrect tax delinquency claim
  • started a new bank account
  • tracked down my bounce boxes from the trail
  • read a ton of books
  • saw pounds of movies
  • hung out with family
  • had beer in redneck bars
  • installed a floor
  • cleaned gutters
  • dug ditches
  • took lots of baths
  • tried to figure out the $48,000 hospital bills
I'm feeling good again, have nearly everything squared away, and have a bad case of cabin fever. Tomorrow I'm headed off to Florida to learn how to sail and figure out what I'm doing next.

The basic idea to to head south, and turn left at the Florida border to follow the coast line south. Live out of the car while trying to get as much time on sail boats as possible. Maybe take a class, maybe just make friends with boats by looking salty on the docks. I'm super excited to get out on the water in a sail boat.

Fingers crossed... I'll try to get some sleep tonight so I'm less likely to sleep during the drive.

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