Tuesday, May 22, 2007

8 more days until I'm Maine bound

I think everyone on this list knows that I'll be heading to Maine at 3am May 31, trying to walk to Georgia on the Appalachian Trail. (map: http://www.cs.utk.edu/~dunigan/at/googleat.php?lat=40.83935&lon=-75.3598&scale=5 )

If you don't want boring details filling your inbox, let me know and I'll take you off the list. I'll probably only be sending a mail out around twice a month, so volume should be low.

In any case, it has been snowing on Mount Katahdin where the trail officially starts, and the folks at Baxter Park are keeping the trails closed, due to unsafe conditions, for the time being. They advise that June 1 may not be a workable start date, but said to call back for an update on Friday. I also have word that the black flies have started coming out. They aren't too bad yet, but definitely ramping up for a fun blood feeding season.

For other stuff: if anyone wants to come pick up:
- 36" (or is it 40?) Phillips TV
- Sony surround sound system
- 5-disc dvd player
- playstation 2 with games
- AV stand big enough for all of the above
- books
- a beer and old cold pizza
- a 19" flat screen CRT (not flat panel! this thing is huge, so bring a sherpa)
- corner desk
- futon couch/bed
- cat
- skin conditions, stomach viruses, and other ailments
- random other items

You've got around 6 more days before I'll be dropping stuff on the street or moving it into storage. You have been warned!

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